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recoil pad


Reduced recoil with our
muzzle brake and
recoil pad custom fit to
your rifle.

(synthetic stocks add $15.00)



pointer Glass Bed Action
pointer Trigger Job
pointer Lap Bore
pointer Recrown Muzzle

(on most bolt action center fire rifles made in the last 60  years)
Call Jim on Remington 700 triggers.

These are just some common services we offer. Call about any other services you may have need of.

Stock Work:

Glass bed makes for a perfect fit front and rear, between bottom of action, recoil lug and the factory original stock. (Fitting of a barreled action to a stock will be charged by the hour.)


The forearm aluminum-stabilizing channel stiffens and stabilizes wood-stock forearms.


Provide and fit Limbsaver© pad on wood stocks - synthetic stocks add $15.00.  Other brands available call for pricing.


Bi-Pod block installed in forearm of rifle for bi-pod stud.


Install Uncle Mike's© swivel studs. Service includes studs and labor.


The price of wood and synthetic stock repair charges will be based on time.

To Be Determined

Fiberglass stocks depending on make and labor to complete.


We use lightweight, hand laminated fiberglass/graphite stock blanks. Each rifle is fully glass bedded for a virtually perfect fit, no gaps, or voids. All inletting is a one on one fit to the barreled action. Our goal is to build a rifle that not only functions well under all conditions, but is an outstanding looking firearm as well. Jim is a master stock carver of elaborate wood stocks and has converted that same talent and expertise to building of a cosmetically, eye appealing synthetic stocked rifle. There is no reason why a weather resistant hunting tool cannot also be a thing of beauty.



Barreled Action Work:

Customer must supply the action or barreled action to be customized as we do not sell actions. We have 84 different
chamber reamers so we can accomodate most of your caliber needs.


Custom match grade stainless or chrome-molly Bartlein© barrel fit to customers action, includes lapping of action lugs. Stainless steel is glass beaded then engraved caliber, chrome-molly is polished or glass beaded and blued then engraved caliber. Add $50.00 to cut a custom length throat to your dummy round. Add $75.00 if your action requires cutting an extractor slot in the barrel face.

True recoil lugs and face of bolt, true action recess for bolt lugs and true face of action (This process is only available when we custom barrel your action.)




Whenever you make any changes to the barrel, the barreled action or the stock in the barreled action area, whether it be installing a muzzle break, cut or recrowning a muzzle, glass bedding an action, free floating a barrel, adding barrel pressure, rechamberbering or rethroating it will change the harmonic vibration of the barrel and you will most likely have to work up a new hand load or experiment with other factory loads if you are not a hand loader just as if you are workin with a new gun.  

Muzzle brakes - we machine our muzzle-breaks one at a time out of solid 416 grade stainless steel or chromoly bar stock on our mill and lathe so the break is the same diameter as the muzzle on all but the lightest of contour barrels. We need at least a 21 inch barrel length when adding a muzzle break. Our muzzle-break provides a 30% - 35% reduction in recoil depending on caliber. All muzzle-breaks increase noise, and for our liability we recommend hearing protection to be used whenever you fire your rifle.


Machine knurled muzzle brake thread protector.


Shorten barrel or reface muzzle and recrown 20-1/2 inch minimum.


Mid turning Remington 700, lightens the overall weight of the action by eliminating 2-3 ounces depending on the action length. (Polishing, glass beading and bluing is an extra cost depending on labor involved.)


Barrel is turned concentric to bore. (Bluing is an extra cost depending on labor involved.)


Check for proper spacing between bolt face and shoulder of case. On magnum check spacing between bolt face and the front of the belt. The only way to accurately measure and test the legnth of the chamber. Excessive spacing is extremely dangerous.


Shorten barrel, recrown and install muzzle brake to the same contour as the barrel on most contours. (We need a minimum barrel length of 21 inches.) 


Lap 1 inch or 30 mm rings.


Lap bore.


Mount and bore sight most scopes.


8x40 magnum base screws redrilled, tap receiver and open up bases from 6x48 to 8x40 screws for added strength with magnum rifles or heavy scopes.  (Not available in Remington 700 CDL or CDLII.)


Recrown muzzle by hand with 60° piloted reamer.


Correct head space on bolt action rifles.


Lengthen Throat.


Clean and Oil: 

All cleaning prices include disassemble and reassemble on all guns. Rust removal will be an additional charge
based on the amount of time spent.  Call on smoke damaged guns.

Clean and oil over/under and double barrel shot guns.                                                                      


Clean and oil handguns.


Clean and oil bolt-action guns.


Clean and oil auto or pump action guns.


Clean and oil lever action guns.



Trigger Jobs:

Call for prices on custom triggers.


Ruger M .77 trigger job to minimum on 3½ pounds.                                                                                        


Savage trigger job to a minimum of 3½ pounds. Old style/New style.



Winchester 70 trigger job to a minimum of 3 pounds. Old style/New style.


Ruger #1 trigger job to a minimum of 3 pounds.


Weatherby Mark V trigger job to a minimum of 3 pounds.


Remington 700 trigger job - replace with timney trigger call Jim.